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Trump Indicted, Again

That crazy former President Donald Trump was once again indicted this week. It never gets old saying or writing that. Hopefully one of the next articles will be about him being convicted. This is the first indictment for actions the took place while he was President. He only has to be convicted on one count (out of over 75 for which he has already been indicted) to be called in perpetuity "Criminal Ex-president Donald J. Trump" forever. Perhaps in the next week he will be indicted in Georgia. Once again, it never gets old.

The current one is perhaps the best and will be the most fun to observe his defense. There are several possiblities:

  • The defense can claim that Trump really believed the election was stolen, despite the pleas of most of his advisors, and that he relied on his attorney John Eastman's advice to contest it in any way possible including to tell Vice-President Mike Pence to overrule the election results. He will have to testify to this. In the best of all possible worlds Donald Trump is sworn in to testify.
  • The defense can claim that the election was really fraudulent and then prove that there was a real likelyhood that the Secretaries of State of Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania were the real crooks. That would make this one of the great trials of all time. I want to see his attorney keep a straight face while making this claim. Everyone except his unnamed co-consprititors (Rudi Guliani, Sydney Powell etc) were wrong... yea right.
  • The defense can claim that Trump had the right under the first amendment to make these claims and take these actions. That will get laughed out of court in about 20 seconds.

Meanwhile Trump and his co-horts are claiming that this is purely political and that the Biden administration is "weaponizing" the Department of Justice. That's a laugh. I'd like to see some evidence of this. I almost hope that the House of Representitives tries to impeach the president with this claim. President Biden has done absolutely everything in his power to keep his hands and opinions out of this. Unless something is going on that we don't see or isn't reported (except as rumors on Fox News) President Biden is not at all involved in any of these prosecutions. No political leaders are. This is just more of what you would expect from Fox News.

And yet the Indicted Ex-President is still the front runner for the Republican nomination for President. How can there be so many stupid, ignorant voters in this country?